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NEWS updated

November the 7th, 2014
«Ars Compilata» album is officially released

November the 1st, 2012
«Ars Compilata» promo is finally recorded. We’re contacting record labels in order to get a record deal.

October the 7th, 2009
The RAKOTH board is re-opened.
Welcome back!

September the 22nd 2009
We’re ready to announce the working title of the new album, meaning that we’re really close to start recording sessions in Moscow.
Please be patient while waiting for the new RAKOTH creation titled «Ars Compilata».

August the 8th, 2009
The board is closed for maintainance.
Rakoth is working on the new album.


January the 13th, 2007
what: RAKOTH takes part at black/ death metal party devoted to the Old New Year paradox
where: Moscow, «Relax» club, [Mel'nikova str., 7]
when: starting at 5:00 p.m., (RAKOTH's performance — about 9:00 p.m.)
who else: Demons Of Guillotine, Grom, Scream in Darkness, Icewind Blast, Thunderstorm, Bewaarder
price: 250 — 300 RUR.
For more details visit the Metal Militia Productions web site

September the 23rd, 2006
what: RAKOTH takes part as a support team at Anathema's recital at St.Pete's club «Port» see the event poster »
where: St.Petersburg, «Port» club
when: aprox 7 p.m., (RAKOTH's performance — about 6 p.m.)
misc: see the Deltamekong official web site for more details

September the 13th, 2006
what: Rakoth takes part at a gig dedicated to reOpening of Moscow legendary club «U2» see the event poster »
where: Moscow, «U2» club, [Skhodnenskaya str., 54]
when: aprox 7:30 p.m., (RAKOTH's performance — about 7:45 p.m.)
who else: NECROST, NOVA ART.
price: 180 — 200 RUR
More details at http://klounada.1gb.ru/

May the 21th, 2006
what: RAKOTH takes part at a doom festival «HORDES OV EVIL: Depression Edition» see the event poster »
where: Moscow, «Relax» club, [Mel'nikova str., 7]
when: aprox 5 p.m., (RAKOTH's performance — about 9 p.m.)
who else: Moonrise, Stigmaters, Necroromantica, Torment, Mistform, Vaginal vomit.
price: 150 — 200 RUR

May the 20th, 2006 WARNING: RAKOTH has taken decision NOT to take part at this event.
where: Moscow, «Ice Planet»
when: 8 p.m. (the festival starts at 4 p.m.)
p.s.: for more details come, please, later

April the 30th, 2006 WARNING: Event is delayed/ denied. Anyway RAKOTH WILL NOT take part at any shadow of the event.
what: RAKOTH takes part at black metal festival «Valpurgisnacht'»
where: Moscow, «Stalevar» club, [see the map »]
when: 5 p.m.


September 2008
After 2,5 years of cooperation Zafod  B. the Utkinson announces the great start of his new project(s) which makes him leave Rakoth immediately.

January the 13th, 2007
RAKOTH takes part at black/ death metal party devoted to the Old New Year paradox at Moscow club «Relax»

September the 23rd, 2006
RAKOTH racks it's brains over supporting Anathema's recital at St.Pete's club «Port» though giving a 40 minutes performance.
Special thanks to Deltamekong concerts for «great» arrangement.
See the photo report »

September the 13th, 2006
RAKOTH takes part at a gig dedicated to reOpening of Moscow legendary club «U2» 
Click here » to see the preliminary photo report by MoonLight.
See the photo report »

May the 21st, 2006
RAKOTH takes part at gothic (as came) festival at Moscow club Relax.
Click here » to see the photo report.

April the 15th, 2006
RAKOTH gives a recital at Moscow Club «Stalevar» with «Nabbath» and «Outcast Domain» on heat-up;
The event tracklist as follows:

  1. Horizon
  2. Fear (Wasn't In The Design) mp3
  3. Gorthaur Aulendil mp3
  4. Brightless mp3
  5. Just another lament mp3
  6. Dying Realm mp3
  7. Mountain God mp3
  8. The Insurgent one mp3
  9. Return of the Nameless mp3
Right click here » and choose 'save target as' to download the sample video (Fear (Wasn't In The Design): 41 sec., 5.07MB).
See the photo report ».

April 2006
Zafod B. see photo » joines RAKOTH on guitar;

March the 24th, 2006
RAKOTH gives its first Live preformance at Moscow club «Metka» taking part at Rock-festival «Resonance» (A. Maschenko helps RAKOTH with 2nd guitar on several songs);

For several months new line-up searches for a second guitar player trying four different candidates;

Winter 2005
RAKOTH core line-up (Rustam see photo », Dy see photo », P.Noir see photo ») takes decision to form new extended line-up: Andreas see photo » joines RAKOTH as drummer, Kjord M. see photo » joines RAKOTH as bassman;

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